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SVS Vision Safety

SVS Vision is a Veteran-owned company that provides prescription safety glasses to a variety of industries. With our extensive range of safety eyewear, excellent customer service and overall best value in the market today, we can help your company prevent costly on-the-job eye injuries.

Our safety eyewear meets or exceeds all applicable standards, and we offer a wide selection of safety frames in a variety of models and sizes for both men and women. Let us keep your employees safe and also eliminate administrative burden with our unique ability to maintain eligibility and track compliance.

All orders are processed in our award-winning lab in Mt. Clemens, MI, which is staffed proudly by Union employees.

Our impressive list of clients includes both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and more.

All safety eyewear lenses are manufactured in our US laboratory in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, where our opticians and technicians ensure your lenses are OSHA (ANSI Z87.1:2020) compliant. Lenses are made from either polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant lens material available, or CR-39 (plastic) and provide 99% UV protection.

  • Prescription safety glasses are available in several lens types, from single vision, traditional bifocal, trifocal, and even progressive lenses (with no lines). With lens options like photochromic (adjusts to sunlight), anti-fog and blue defense, we will keep your employees safe in every work environment.

Managed Safety Program

Let our safety program take the stress out of providing prescription safety eyewear for your employees. With our industry-leading Managed Safety Program, SVS Vision allows clients to alleviate burdensome administrative tasks that tie up valuable resources. Designed for both small and large companies, our turnkey Managed Safety Program promises:

  • A custom, cost-effective prescription safety eyewear program
  • Relief from all the paperwork, eligibility tracking and administrative headaches
  • A large selection of safety frames and lens options at affordable costs
  • Personalized fitting and convenient delivery and pickup options available at any of our 80+ SVS Vision locations
  • SVS Vision safety program members are eligible for special discounts at SVS Vision locations

SVS Vision offers many different program options for all of your prescription safety eyewear needs. From basic packages to full-service managed packages, we have a solution that will fit your company’s needs.

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